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Previous ENGAGE Sessions:


ENGAGE - Understanding the direction of the New Health & Safety At Work Act

This workshop and breakfast session provided insight to the new Health and Safety Act and how to put good health and safety practices into action.

Thank you for attending our session or if you were unable to attend we would still would like to understand your thoughts on holding these sessions.


ENGAGE - Communication is key

On 11 November 2015 the ENGAGE workshop attracted 150 to a morning session.

With Ross Gilmour opening proceedings with his communication presentation the audience was given plenty to consider.  

Louise Brearey, currently an adviser with WorkSafe NZ provided plenty of examples of positive and successful communication from her experience including the London Olympic project.  Her presentation demonstrated many of the points raised earlier by Ross.

After a quick networking break we came back to a choice of two workshops to put our communication skills to work.


ENGAGE - Strengthening relationships

Roy Weaver (BTW) facilitated a session on Strengthening Relationships - particularly with contractors.

Mike Finlayson (Worley Parsons) challenged our thinking on pre-qualifications.  Mike focused on this as the start of a conversation and a longer relationship, considering the gaps that might exist and require assistance, and keeping the discussion relevant to the task and competency required.

David Langford (NPDC) gave a very personal account of his business relationships - making them long term and comfortable.  His experience with Downers provided some anecdotes to illustrate his philosophy for open discussion in a safe environment.

The participants were then asked to contribute to a 'toolbox' of ideas - pooling the suggestions from the morning's presentations and their own experience. The list of contributions is available here


ENGAGE - Safety starts with a conversation

Frances Boyce (WCE) and Fiona Ewing (FISC) led the second workshop that had the participants faced with a number of communication issues. Plenty of discussion uncovered the problems and with ideas and solutions being offered up.

Information supplied at this workshop is available under the headings: Advocacy and Toolbox.

Be Safe Taranaki is very grateful for the contributions from presenters and facilitators. Their enthusiasm and commitment as well as their knowledge and experience makes the ENGAGE workshops great value.  And our audience was positive and engaged making the session worthwhile for all.